This article presents an overview of H2-IGCC research project. This project focuses on developing gas turbine (GT) technology optimised for the next generation. The H2-IGCC project is coordinated by the Brussels-based European Turbine Network (ETN)—an association with members of all stakeholders across the GT technology development value chain. ETN promotes environmentally sound gas turbine technology with reliable and low-cost operation. The objective of the H2-IGCC project is to provide and demonstrate technical solutions for state-of-the-art, high-efficiency, low-emissions GT technology that can be employed to IGCC applications. More specifically, the goal is to enable combustion of undiluted hydrogen-rich syngas with low NOx emissions and also allowing for high fuel flexibility. The challenge is to operate a stable and controllable GT on hydrogen-rich syngas with emissions and processes similar to current state-of-the-art natural GT engines.

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