I am delighted to present to our JMD community this special issue on design of complex engineered systems. You may recall that in the December 1010 issue of JMD we hosted an inspiring guest editorial by Christina Bloebaum and Anna-Maria McGowan (http://asmedl.aip.org/journals/doc/JMDEDB-ft/vol_132/iss_12/120301_1.htmlhttp://asmedl.aip.org/journals/doc/JMDEDB-ft/vol_132/iss_12/120301_1.html) setting the stage for submissions to the present special issue.

While JMD has a long history of publishing archival research in this area, there is increased urgency and relevance for studying this topic and disseminating recent research results. I am indebted to Guest Editors Janet Allen, Shapour Azarm, and Timothy Simpson for their expert, thoughtful and timely handling of a large number of submissions from which the contributions in this issue have been drawn. I am looking forward to having this special issue be a motivator for a sustained stream of outstanding contributions in designing modern complex engineered systems in future JMD regular issues.

Janet, Shapour, and Tim—on behalf of the JMD community, thank you for a great job done!