It is a pleasure to present to you a collection of 18 papers highlighting Recent Advances on Composites and Heterogeneous Materials offered at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Orlando, Florida, November 2009.

Collection of the “Recent Advances on Composites and Heterogeneous Materials” themed articles was focused on the broad, multidisciplinary and transformative nature of composites and heterogeneous materials. The material systems presented in this collection of papers are at the forefront of current science and technology and are expected to bring important breakthroughs in various technological fields.

Topics in this special issue include multiscale characterization of multiphase composites and polycrystalline solids, studies on reinforced elastomers, constitutive modeling of cellular materials, mechanics of bimaterials and functionally graded materials, characterization of nanocomposites, micromechanics and damage of random fiber composites, virtual testing of composite structures, characterization and modeling of composites embedded with piezoelectrics, and structural health monitoring of heterogeneous materials.

It is anticipated that papers found in this special issue will serve as reference articles in their respective topics and will contribute in the knowledge advancement of composite and heterogeneous materials.

The editors would like to gratefully acknowledge the authors for their original scientific contributions, the reviewers for the insightful and constructive criticism, and the chief editor, Dr. Hussein Zbib, for his encouraging guidance. Their assistance in publishing this special issue in the Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology has been invaluable.

With warmest greetings,