The following captions should read:

Fig. 2 Numerically predicted contour plots of temperature (at left in °C) and stream function (right) for (a) case E1 and (b) case E2

Fig. 3 Axial variation of the predicted polymer temperature (at r=0) and the furnace wall temperature for cases E1 Vf=10cm/s and E2 Vf=20cm/s

Fig. 4 Axial variation of the radiative and convective heat flux experienced at the polymer’s surface for case E1

Fig. 5 Numerically predicted and experimentally measured free surface shapes for case E1. (The initial guess is shown for comparison.)

Fig. 6 Effect of preform feed speed on the predicted (solid line) and measured (symbols) free surface shapes

Fig. 8 Effect of the furnace wall temperature on the predicted and measured draw force D=25.4mm,Vf=10...

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