A survey is given of extensive research work on cascade-flow problems carried out in recent years in Germany. A considerable part of this work was done in the Variable Density High Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel of the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fu¨r Luftfahrt at Braunschweig, in which the Reynolds number and the Mach number of the cascade can be varied independently. For compressor cascades with blades of different thickness ratio extensive measurements of the aerodynamic coefficients have been carried out in a wide range of Mach numbers and Reynolds numbers. For very low Reynolds numbers, as they occur for jet engines in high-altitude flight, the influence of turbulence level on loss coefficients has been investigated. Furthermore, comprehensive investigations on secondary-flow losses are reported. The most important parameters in this connection are the ratio of blade length to blade chord, the tip clearance, the Reynolds number, and the deflection of the flow in the cascade. The influence of all these parameters on the secondary-flow losses has been clarified to a certain extent.

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