The magnetorheological Brake (MRB) is an electromechanical brake in which smart magnetorheological (MR) fluids have been utilized to generate the required braking torque. The purpose of this study is to design optimize a real-size MRB for automobile applications considering geometrical, material and magnetic circuit parameters. The mathematical equations governing the system’s braking torques are derived. The dynamic range of a disk-type MRB expressing the ratio of generated toque at on and off states has been formulated as a function of the rotational speed, geometrical and material properties, and applied electrical current. The magnetic circuit analysis of the proposed MRB is performed to find the relation between magnetic field intensity and the applied electrical current as a function of the MRB geometrical and material properties. Finally, a multidisciplinary design optimization problem has been formulated to identify the optimal brake geometrical parameters to maximize the dynamic range of the MRB under weight, size and magnetic flux density constraints. The optimization problem has been solved using combined Genetic Algorithm and Sequential Quadratic Programming techniques. The optimal design is then compared with those available in the literature.

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