Studying and analyzing the ageing mechanisms of electronic components avionics in systems such as the GPS and INAV are of critical importance. In DC-DC power converter systems electrolytic capacitors and MOSFET’s have higher failure rates among the components. Degradation in the capacitors under varying operating conditions leads to high ripples output voltages and currents affecting downstream components leading to cascading faults. For example, in avionics systems where the power supply drives a GPS unit, ripple currents can cause glitches in the GPS position and velocity output, and this may cause errors in the Inertial Navigation (INAV) system, causing the aircraft to fly off course The work in this paper proposes a detail experimental and systematic study on analyzing the degradation phenomenon is electrolytic capacitors under high stress operating conditions. The output degradation is typically measured by an increase in ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and decrease in the capacitance value. We present the details of our accelerated ageing methodology along with analysis and comparison of the results.

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