In this paper, a dexterous surgical manipulation tool is developed, and characterized using a magnetoelectric self-sensing actuator. The magnetoelectric actuator is made up of three magnetoelectric cantilevers, which are mounted in a specific configuration. Each of the magnetoelectric cantilevers is composed of Galfenol and PZT-5H. The device consists of a single larger magnetoelectric cantilever that is capable of producing an up-down movement upon remote application of a magnetic field to the magnetostrictive layer. Towards one of the ends of this actuator two smaller magnetoelectric cantilevers are attached that are capable of producing a deflection in a side-ways direction making them well suited for gripping action. The shape-anisotropy of the magnetostrictive layers is designed to ensure a controlled sequence of gripping action and up-down movement when these cantilevers are actuated via a remote magnetic field which induces bending in them. The electrical signal generated by the piezoelectric layer is used to provide a sensing signal for both tactile sensing (and gripping) and deflection. This can be used in a closed loop control system.

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