Within Section III of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Appendix XIII-3440 contains guidance for performing shakedown analysis. XIII-3440 allows use of elastic-plastic stress analysis for evaluating shakedown and fatigue analysis. However, Appendix XIII does not specify any stress-strain curves for use in an evaluation. In this paper, cyclic stress-strain curves for austenitic stainless steels are developed and proposed.

To develop cyclic stress-strain curves, the applicable fatigue data of 316 and 304 stainless steel have been collected from the literature. These data include strain-controlled testing of hollow cylindrical and round bar specimens at strain amplitudes were from 0.1 % to around 2.3 %, temperature were room and high temperature (100–360 °C), and environments of air and PWR water environment.

Two types of cyclic stress-strain relationship are employed. One is a power law type and the other is Ramberg-Osgood type. The relationships are converted to bilinear forms including appropriate margin to be applied to cyclic elastic-plastic analysis.

The developed cyclic stress-strain curves are compared with other cyclic stress-strain curves of the ASME B&PV Section VIII, Div.2 and RCC-MRx. The relationships developed in this work compare favorably with those other sources.

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