Volatiles and elements release characters are key factors that affect NO reduction efficiency and coal burnout at high temperature. The tested coal was directly taken from the bunkers in a power plant where combusts Shenhua bituminous and Zhunge’er lignite blends (mass ratio is 1:1), the coal blends were re-sieved mechanically and four sizes of them were taken as experimental coals. We designed and constructed char-preparation systems ourselves. The coal and char quality analysis were conducted by Vario el III coal element analyzer, and volatiles release characters under high temperature were analyzed. More volatiles can be released from finer coal under the same conditions. Ash was taken as tracer, volatiles yield in the case of high heating rate in entrained flow reactor is much more that gotten from conventional proximate analysis. Various elements yield increase with the decrease of coal size. Therefore, when finer micronized coal is used as reburning fuel, not only more hydrocarbon roots are produced, but also the combustion characters are improved so that the burnout is improved.

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