Liaodong Bay is located at the northern part of the Bohai Sea. There are four blocks where oil and gas are found. In order to exploit these resources in these connected four blocks, extreme value statistics is used to estimate the storm-surge design parameters. Long-term series of storm surge are hindcast by numerical models. Using data from series of extreme storm surge caused by tropical cyclones in the Liaodong Bay, statistical analysis of extreme storm surge is carried out with Poisson-generalized extreme value distribution by considering the occurrence frequencies of tropical cyclones. The 100-year return storm surge is 195cm and the 50-year storm surge is 164cm. Both of them occur in Block 1. Due to the influence of topography of the total four blocks, the intensity trends of storm surges in Blocks 1, 2 and 3 are similar, whereas the intensity of storm surge in Block 4 is relatively small. These results are reference for the structural design in these blocks.

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