To obtain higher performance for an industrial hybrid robot, the dynamic control method is utilized to control the robot. For dynamic control, the control performance is directly affected by the accuracy of the dynamic model. This paper investigated a method to establish and identify an accurate dynamic model. First, based on the Lagrangian dynamic equation and the Stribeck friction model, the unidentified dynamic model of the five-DOF hybrid robot is established. Second, identification experiments are carried out. Each of the driving joints performs frequent reciprocating motions individually. In the meantime, the moving speed is gradually increased to obtain driving torques of the respective joint at different moving speeds. Then the dynamic parameters with lower coupling are identified by using the standard deviation index and the least squares methods until all parameters are gradually determined. Finally, the hybrid robot moves a typical trajectory, while the currents of each joint are collected to obtain the driving forces. The actual driving forces, the identified dynamic model, and the unidentified dynamic model are compared. The results show that the identified method could significantly improve the accuracy of the dynamic model. The method proposed in this paper is general and can be applied to the other robots without adding any sensors.

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