Integration of various kinds of digital equipment in manufacturing systems is the foundation and premise of cyber-physical systems and intelligent manufacturing. However, interfaces and datatypes of digital equipment from different vendors often differ from each other, which leads to system heterogeneity and information island problems. Heterogeneity becomes an obstacle for information integration. The key to solving this problem is the information model and the communication protocol. To solve the information integration problems among heterogeneous digital equipment, an implementation scheme based on the information model and its mapping to MTConnect is proposed and verified in this paper. First, the architecture and functions of integration of digital equipment are analyzed. Then, a general information model structure of digital equipment and the corresponding modeling rules are established, which can be used to guide the information modeling of various types of equipment. Next, the mapping rules that transform the information model to the MTConnect information model are defined. Based on the information model and model mapping to MTConnect, the digital equipment is able to integrate with other equipment or system via the mapping interface with the aid of the MTConnect protocol. Finally, the implementation of vertical integration based on the information model and its mapping to MTConnect is verified experimentally.

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