Geometry consistent spatio-temporal measurements of the experimental acceleration of olive tree branches were analyzed with advanced POD tools in an effort to gain knowledge on the mechanics-dynamics of this bio-mechanical structure. To pave the way for understanding the dynamics of this system, both the typical olive tree as a whole and its typical branch are approached as interacting soft-stiff continuum mechanical systems. The POD analysis reveals that the impact response is a nonlinear vibration with very fast dissipation. The POD modal amplitudes are nonlinear vibrations of continuous, broadband frequency spectrum. Initially they exhibit regular phases of nonlinear slow dissipation-and-amplification followed by irregular, fast dissipation-and-amplification phases. Sequentially applied impacts at the branch soft area results in a complete detachment of the fruit. The POD analysis reveals that this occurs because the response is highly localized in the soft area where the impact is applied and thus it transfers its momentum to the fruits. The work is supplemented with analysis of field measurements of the acceleration dynamics of orchard olive tree branches excited by harvesting devices generating combing clouds of impulsive forces aimed at detaching the olive fruit by momentum transfer.

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