In this study, a new method was developed to estimate both the location and magnitude of an impact force applied to a composite sandwich panel with lattice truss core using an inverse algorithm based on dynamic characteristics of the structure. A method utilizing deconvolution with a transfer function in the time domain was employed to tackle the problem. The dynamics signals were captured using a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV) and the force is applied using a shaker. It is assumed that a set of impact forces be applied at a set of locations of the structure at the same time, but the magnitude of all impact forces except one is set to zero, implying that an impact event has occurred at only one of the possible locations. The aim is then to find the unknown impact location among the other possible ones as well as the magnitude of the impact force. The least-square approach is adopted, and the truncated singular value decomposition is then used to regularize and solve the problem.

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