Pumping speed is the main performance parameter of a vacuum pump. In the present work, pumping speed for a three-vane rotary vacuum pump is quantified using both experimental and numerical approaches. The numerical methodology assumes continuum flow (Knudsen number < 0.1), thus allowing the use of Navier Stokes equation. Commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver i.e. Fluent, is used to discretize the governing equations. Moving / dynamic mesh technique is used for the internal flow volumes of the pump to reproduce the change-in-time shape. Complete process starting from the CAD modeling to CFD simulations is discussed in detail. The adopted approaches are generic and can be used to find the pumping speed of any other rotary vane vacuum pump. The vane pump is also tested using an assessment system, which is constructed according to DIN28432 standard. Results of experimentally measured pumping speed are in good agreement with the one computed numerically.

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