Flow past the two square cylinders with and without corner modification in a tandem arrangement has been simulated using a CFD code FLUENT. A Reynolds number of 100 and pitch to perimeter ratios (PPR) of 2,4 and 6 are considered for the investigation. The flow is assumed to be two dimensional unsteady and incompressible. The obtained results are presented in the form of streamlines, pressure distribution, monitored velocity, lift coefficient and Strouhal number. Results indicate, in case of chamfered and rounded corners, there is decrease in the wake width and thereby the lift values. For the square cylinders of same perimeters with and without corner modification, the size of the eddy and the monitored velocity in between the square cylinders increases with increase in PPR. Frequency of vortex shedding is same in between the cylinders and in the downstream of the cylinder. Frequency of vortex shedding decreases with the introduction of second cylinder either in the upstream or downstream of the first cylinder. The lift coefficient of square cylinder with corner modification decreases but Strouhal number increases when compared with a square cylinder without corner modification.

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