In this work we used deep-molding manufacture of three kinds to fabricate micro pressure-swirl atomizers to promote their performance, and a Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) to measure the characteristic distributions of the spray flow field of these atomizers. The deep-molding techniques were X-ray LIGA process, ICP-LIGA process (inductive coupling plasma etching), and injection molding LIGA process. Parameters of atomizers examined here include configuration of flow channel, diameter of exit orifice, the ratio of diameters of swirl chamber and discharge orifice, and the thickness of atomizer. Experimental results showed that the manufacturing process combining injection molding with electroplating had large yields and that the technique is highly reliable; enable manufacture of an atomizer at small cost and great quality. Moreover, these microatomizers are assembled well with other components and be readily applied. The results of PDPA diagnosis further revealed that the spray features are related with the design parameters of atomizer dimensions.

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