In this work, a piezoelectric beam is stiffness compensated through adding a negative stiffness formed by attracting magnets. The mechanism’s purpose is low-frequency energy harvesting. The effect of deformation speed on the beam’s stiffness is investigated by force-displacement measurements taken at different speeds and with different load resistors connected. The effect of the load resistance on the beam’s stiffness has been found to be strongly dependent on the deformation speed. A load that results in the same stiffness as in a closed circuit at low deformation speed results in a stiffer response at a faster deformation speed. Also, when the beam is brought close to static balance with a certain load resistance connected, alteration of the load resistance has a great influence on the attained stiffness level. Furthermore, memory effects in the hysteresis found in piezoelectric actuators, related between input voltage and displacement, were also confirmed between displacement and force in sensor application.

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