A constant force compliant mechanism generates an output force that keeps invariant in a large range of input displacement. Because of the constant force feature and the merits of compliant mechanisms, they are utilized in many applications. A problem in the current constant force compliant mechanisms is their preloading range that is a certain starting range of the input displacement. In the preloading displacement, the output force of a constant force compliant mechanism does not have the desired value. It goes up from zero value. The preloading displacement often occupies one quarter or more of the entire input displacement range, which weakens the performance of constant force compliant mechanisms. The preloading issue is eradicated in this research by using prebuckled beams as components for constructing constant force compliant mechanisms. It is difficult to synthesize constant force compliant mechanisms that are composed of prebuckled beams because of the intertwined force, buckling and deflection characteristics. In this research, the undeformed beams are represented by spline curves and controlled by its interpolation points. The synthesis of constant force compliant mechanisms is systemized as optimizing the design parameters of the composed prebuckled beams. Fully compliant constant force compliant mechanisms are synthesized without preloading. The synthesis solutions are validated by experimental results.

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