A novel dimensional synthesis technique for solving the mixed exact and approximate motion synthesis problem for planar RR kinematic chains is presented. The methodology uses an analytic representation of the planar RR dyads rigid body constraint equation in combination with an algebraic geometry formulation of the exact synthesis for three prescribed locations to yield designs that exactly reach the prescribed pick & place locations while approximating an arbitrary number of guiding locations. The result is a dimensional synthesis technique for mixed exact and approximate motion generation for planar RR dyads. A solution dyad may be directly implemented as a 2R open chain or two solution dyads may be combined to form a planar 4R closed chain; also known as a planar four-bar mechanism. The synthesis algorithm utilizes only algebraic geometry and does not require the use of a numerical optimization algorithm or a metric on planar displacements. Two implementations of the synthesis algorithm are presented; computational and graphical construction. Moreover, the kinematic inversion of the algorithm is also included. An example that demonstrates the synthesis technique is included.

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