The four-degree-of-freedom (4-DoF) Schoenflies-motion (briefly termed X-motion) manipulator with the fast pick-and-place operation is essential for industrial assembly and packaging. For the development of this kind of industrial manipulator, we provide architectures and inverse kinematics of four X-motion isoconstrained parallel mechanisms with two limbs, CuuUwHw-//-CvvUwHw, CuRuuUhw-//-CvRvvUhw, CuRuPHw-//-CvRvPHw and CuPuUhw-//-CvPvUhw (R, P, H and C denote revolute, prismatic, screw and cylindrical pairs respectively; U indicates a universal joint). These novel manipulators are excerpted from numerous general architectural types of isoconstrained parallel generators of X-motion. In this work, their architectures and mobility are first elucidated in detail. With the help of the well-known D-H symbolic notations, their three translational and one rotational motion are comprehensively verified through the four-by-four coordinate transformation matrix approach. Inverse kinematic solutions of joint displacements of each manipulator are further established by using the matrix algebra method for the reference of potential applications.

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