This paper describes an algorithm for the construction of solid model from measured point data using Convex Partitioning approach. Convex Partitioning approach is based on the idea that any non-convex body can be viewed as a combination of several convex pieces. The input constitutes a set or cluster of points, measured on each face of the object, which is obtained by scanning the part. Points in each cluster are used to fit a plane or a non-planar surface depending upon the type of face. Partitioning is done along the planes till one gets all the convex pieces. The individual convex pieces are then combined together to get the final model of the object. The definition of convex partition is relaxed for objects having curved faces, to be an object with all its edges convex.

Apart from allowing the construction of solid model from measured point data, the output (convex pieces) obtained from this approach is useful in planning for rapid prototyping and feature suppression in finite element analysis.

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