Integrated Product Process Development is essential to the development of competitive products, with manufacturing considerations such as cost, quality and cycle times well understood early in the design cycle. In order to rapidly design and develop new products, diverse organizations, often separated by hundreds of miles, must find new ways of sharing ideas and knowledge and working together towards common goals. New tools must be inserted into the process to enable and facilitate a different way of doing business. This paper summarizes work performed as part of the DARPA sponsored Rapid Design Exploration and Optimization (RaDEO) program, specifically the development of the Manufacturing Simulation Driver (MSD) system which demonstrates the automatic generation and execution of distributed manufacturing simulations. The MSD system enables Integrated Process Teams (IPT’s) to quickly create detailed manufacturing simulations of new products. MSD driven simulations include modeling the flow of a product through a particular factory early in the design cycle to provide the insight to modify designs in order to alleviate manufacturing bottlenecks. This capability enables emerging virtual enterprises conducting collaborative design and manufacturing to simulate and prove out the manufacturing cycle of a product prior to launching production ramp-up.

The Manufacturing Simulation Driver (MSD) system automatically populates simulatable manufacturing templates enabling manufacturability assessments of alternative candidate designs and processes to be conducted throughout the product development cycle. This capability provides design teams with early insight into aspects of the evolving design which compromises product manufacturability.

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