In this paper, a method using bintree structure to express the states of the packing space of rectangular packing is proposed. Through the sequential decomposition of the packing space, the optimal packing scheme of various sized rectangular packing can be obtained by every time putting the optimal piece that satisfies specular conditions toward the current packing space and by locating it at the up-left corner of the current packing space. Different optimal packing schemes that satisfy different demands can be obtained by adjusting the values of the ordering factors KA and KB. A parallel algorithm based on SIMD-CREW shared-memory computer is designed through the analysis of the parallelism of the bintree expression. The whole packing process is clearly expressed by the bintree. The computational complexity of the algorithm is shown to be O(n2logn). Both the experimental results and the comparison with other sequential packing algorithms have proved that the parallel packing algorithm is efficient. What is more, it nearly doubles the problem solving speed.

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