This report is a description of our Virtual Reality (VR) technology application, a VR-supported kitchen layout design system. This VR system was developed on personal computers and has made it possible to achieve hardware cost reduction and a user-friendly interface. With the VR system, customers can have a pseudo-experience of their “virtual kitchen” and modify the design of the kitchen. This system helps our customers to make decisions when designing the layout of their new kitchen by giving them a good idea of their potential purchase. The VR system has been in practical use in Matsushita’s showrooms since 1994. In the future, we plan to put the VR system on the Internet. The VR system will also play an important role in user interface in the House Design Advisory System. This system, which we are currently developing, will give advice on house design, as well as on kitchen layout design, according to the customers’ diversified lifestyles.

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