If existing gas turbine engines are to remain as the primary choice source of power for supplying short term peaking power capacity in an emergency, then they will need to be capable of directly using a alternative carbon neutral fuel supply. It is important that the fuel can be stored locally to ensure operation of the gas turbine can be provided without reliance upon supplies through distribution network infrastructure or stored hydrogen. Alternative carbon neutral fuels such as synthetic electro or biomass manufactured from hydrogen with nitrogen or CO2 to produce respectively; nitrofuel (Ammonia) or carbofuel (Methanol). Both fuels are renewable and compatible with existing carbon supply chain infrastructure as they can be similarly transported and stored as liquids with similar properties.

Digital technologies can help accelerate the uptake of carbon neutral solutions by operators by assisting them to make greener choices, from the data and information presented to them, promoting the use of their assets demonstrating their contribution and responsibilities to managing the environment. Whilst progress in adopting digital technology has been slow, it is by linking the investment to decarbonization that could then be considered as a value adder rather than a regulatory requirement.

The paper discusses the program of work to develop a bundle of digital services whilst decarbonizing aeroderivative gas turbine applications.

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