A numerical analysis of the effect of Mach number on the boundary layer development and aerodynamic performance of a high-lift, after loaded low pressure turbine blade is presented in this paper. The turbine blade is designed for the GTF engine and works in a low Reynolds number, high Mach number environment. Three different isentropic exit Mach numbers (0.14, 0.87 and 1.17) are simulated by large eddy simulation method, while the Reynolds number based on the axial chord length of the blade and the exit flow velocity is kept the same (1 × 105). The condition Mais,2 = 0.14 represents the lowspeeed wind tunnel environment which is usually used in the low pressure turbine investigation. The condition Mais,2 = 0.87 represents the design point of the turbine blade. The condition Mais,2 = 1.17 represents the severe environment when the shock wave shows up. A comparison of the boundary layer development is made and the total pressure loss results from the boundary layer is discussed.

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