Multi-sector combustor tests are essential to aero-engine annular combustor development. For the test rig design, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure drop and flow split to the various portions of multi-sector combustor are consistent with the combustor component. This paper introduces a new kind of multi-sector combustor rig. The diffuser system of the test rig is different with the combustor component. This test rig is simple in structure and easy to machine. To evaluate the flow split and pressure drop of the test rig, a 1D-flow network approach is applied to multi-sector combustor rig design. The calculated results show good agreement with the experiment data. In order to study whether the test rig can simulate flow split and pressure loss of combustor components, flow split and pressure loss under different design features are analyzed. Result shows that by changing the effective area of inner/outer annular inlet baffle and inner/outer bleed air plate, inner/outer liner pressure drop and the ratio of air flow to W31c can be changed in a wide range. Thus, this kind of multi-sector combustor rig is convenient to change the multi-sector combustor test rig design to meet the requirements of the pressure drop and flow split design of combustor component, even when the rig has been manufactured.

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