Since the turbomachinery came into existence there is control issue of rotor blade stress condition and blade health monitoring both aero engines in service and in process of impeller machines refinement. This issue relevance is to rotor blade failure lead to serious damage of compressor and aero engines in whole. The timely detection rotor blade failure such as a fissure can prevent emergency and enabled to avoid costly repair. One of the techniques for determination of rotor blades vibration behavior is the blade tip-timing method. Of late years this method find use for turbo machines testing and it has already considerable theoretical and practical experience of application. This work presents the application of blade tip-timing system for measurements of rotor blades vibration parameters in order to detect of rotor blade fissures. The paper presents the instance of blade fissure detection in model fan C180-2 with blade number equaled 18 and circumferential speed 400 m/s by means of non-contact vibration measurement system during the input non-uniformity test. Also data processing of tests was carried out for rotor blade fissure detection in compressor stage. Some assessment criteria of rotor blade condition are considered for blade health monitoring. The purpose of this work is to estimate as a rule famous methodologies of rotor blade failure determination in turbo machines by means blade tip-timing system during the test.

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