The results of the high bypass ratio turbofan fan tone noise simulation performed in CIAM (Central Institute of Aviation Motors) are presented. The feature of a design of the fan is that in it support struts are integrated to the stator. This investigation is a continuation of a series of papers devoted to numerical calculation of fan tone noise done in CIAM using the 3DAS (3 Dimensional Acoustics Solver) CIAM in-house solver. The calculation was performed at the approach operational conditions of the fan. As a result of the calculation the fields of the flow pulsations in the near field and the distribution of sound pressure levels in the far field on the surface surrounding the fan was obtained. It was shown that the distribution is strongly nonuniform both in the polar and in the azimuth directions. The results of the computation are compared with the experimental data from the CIAM C-3A acoustic test facility. In general, satisfactory correspondence between the calculation and the experiment for the directivity of sound in the horizontal plane is obtained.

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