In recent years, a great number of studies were carried out in order to analyze the main features of fogging technologies. The various fogging strategies seem to improve gas turbine and combined cycle power output with low initial investment cost and less installation downtime. In fact, nowadays fogging is successfully installed on several gasturbine and combined cycle power plants worldwide. In particular, overspray fogging and interstage injection involve two-phase flow consideration and water evaporation during compression process (also known as wet compression). The aim of the present paper is to further improve understanding of the wet compression process including stage-by-stage compressor behavior by investigating the influence of the axial compressor performance map shape on the evaporation process of the injected water through the compressor, achievable power boost, the maximum amount of water which can be injected and/or influence on the surge conditions. This analysis is carried out by using a calculation code, named IN.FO.G.T.E. (INterstage FOgging Gas Turbine Evaluation), developed and validated by the Authors.

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