Indirectly heated gas liquid and char converters (IHGLCCs) are employed to investigate several means of using or sequestering CO2. As a gasification agent CO2 is used with IHGLCCs to substantially increase gaseous energy output for a given carbonaceous feedstock. IHGLCCs are also used for mild oxidation of coal and for mild pyrolysis of biomass to produce humate type soil amendments. These soil amendments can indirectly sequester CO2 by enhanced plant growth and the atmospheric scrubbing action of plants (photosynthesis-respiration). Results of attempts to convert coal-biomass blends into an activated charcoal that can scrub CO2 and also become useful soil organic carbon are inconclusive as yet but appear promising. Countries that must import oil or have agriculturally depleted lands need “omnivorous” feedstock converters to upgrade available domestic feedstock into fuels, chemicals and chars that serve their energy, agricultural and other needs. The results of exploratory research directed at applying IHGLCC forms of omnivorous feedstock converters to using or sequestering CO2 are reported. IHGLCC technology should also be useful in mitigating potential global greenhouse problems and CO2 and waste disposal problems on space missions.

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