Pantograph is a kind of structure composed of many rods parts. Due to its complex structure, the drag of pantograph is relatively high in the drag of the whole high speed train. In order to reduce the aerodynamic drag, many scholars put forward methods such as adding a deflector and installing a baffle plate on the roof of the train, but these methods have little effect on improving the lift force of the pantograph. Regarding this situation, this paper applies airfoil section (naca0012) to the panhead section of the pantograph strips. Knuckle-downstream and knuckle-upstream operating conditions with three running speeds (300km/h, 350km/h and 400km/h) are considered. The drag and lift forces are compared with those of regular pantograph strip in order to confirm the improvement of aerodynamic performance. It indicated that the optimized panhead pantograph has a better performance in drag and lift forces under all the conditions except the lift force rises 14 percent at knuckle-upstream.

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