An electro-magneto-mechanical system, composed of the electromagnet, having an iron core with a coil and a movable yoke, is analyzed in the paper. Exposing the yoke to mechanical motion, the variation of the magnetic flux due to change of the air gap height induces alternating voltage at the coil terminals. If the electrical circuit is closed, the so generated electrical power is dissipated via the internal coil losses, treated in this paper. Thanks to the interaction between the electrical and mechanical system (i.e. via magnetic force), the power dissipation in electrical circuit influences the dynamical response of the mechanical system. And so the mechanical vibrations can be controlled by these means.

The mathematical model of the simplified dynamical system, which describes behavior of the experimental set-up, is derived using a lumped parameter approach.

The aim of the article is to identify parameters of the derived mathematical model, focused mainly on electrical circuit. Based on measured experimental data, the static constants as well as dynamic losses were analyzed.

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