This paper presents a new approach to utilize geothermal energy with absorption heat pump in district heating system. The heat pump is driven by the temperature-difference between primary and secondary heating loops. In this method, the low-grade thermal energy can be used in district heating system effectively, as a result, the heating capacity and energy efficiency of district heating system can be improved more than 20%. On one hand, it could relieve the existing dilemma (shortage) of central heat source, as well enhance the delivery capacity of heating network dramatically. On the other hand, heating cost may be reduced remarkably, due to the reduction in both coal consumption of central heat and energy consumption of delivery pump. Firstly, this paper introduces the district heating method based on distributed absorption heat pumps through the analysis on the parameter characteristics of low-grade energy, hot water of primary and secondary heating network, as well as the operation parameters of absorption heat pumps. Secondly, an economic and energy consumption analysis was discussed by comparing the new approach with conventional heating system. Finally, this paper presents several system configurations, discusses the operation strategies in various conditions, and proposes the operation modes for heating season.

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