Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) of scapula fractures have increased in numbers recently. This is due to better functional outcomes achieved post-ORIF than non-operative management techniques. In South Africa, there is only one available supplier for anatomical contoured scapula plates used in the ORIF. This study examines the fit of these plates on the bony topology of fifty healthy scapula. It was observed that the short medial body plate performed the best in adhering to the bone topology followed by the short acromion plate. The glenoid plate and the long acromion and body plates were not adequately designed to fit their intended regions on the scapula. In conclusion, this study highlights the drawbacks in design of current commercial plates available for ORIF of scapula. Further studies are needed in order to evaluate the quantitative-fit performance of these plates on fracture scapula surfaces.

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