Recent advancements in deep learning have led to the possibility of increased performance in computer vision tools. A major development has been the usage of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for automatically detecting features within a given image. Architectures such as YOLO1 have obtained incredibly high performances for the real-time detection of every-day objects within images. However to date, there have been few reports of deep learning applied to detect anatomical features within CT scans; especially those within the cardiovascular space. We propose here an automatic anatomical feature detection pipeline for identifying the features of the left atrium using a CNN. Slices of CT scans were fed into a single neural network which predicted the four bounding box coordinates that encapsulate the left atrium. The network can be optimized end-to-end and generate predictions at great speed, achieving a validation smooth L1 loss of 11.95 when predicting the left atrial bounding boxes.

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